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As an attorney I work tirelessly to fight for my clients interests in court. As a counselor I make it my duty to treat my clients like family so that the results of being charged with a crime have as little an effect on their futures as possible. It is extremely important to me that my clients are treated with respect and dignity by judges, prosecutors and the police throughout the pendency of their case.  I spend a tremendous amount of time and energy understanding exactly what my clients particular goals and expectations are.  This is reflected in the relationships I maintain with my former clients and how they feel about me my representation of them.  Please look at some of my reviews for more insight.

Jalen S.

Lawyer Friedman has been nothing but helpful, polite and patient in my time of utilizing his service. Hard worker that is content on getting results in favor of his clients.


Mr. Friedman worked hard to get my son a great outcome to his court case.  I would highly recommend him. He was available to answer questions and listens to all concerns throughout the process.


Bradley Friedman is THE best criminal attorney you can hire! This man will make miracles happen and you will never regret a moment of his time. He doesn’t just defend you, he protects you from the loopholes prosecutors love to exploit. Hiring Brad was the best decision I made and I have since referred him to all of my friends and family. I hired Brad despite having a lawyer in the family, that’s how much I trust this man! Take my word for it guys, this man is a good man and you want him fighting your case.

Kenny S.

Absolutely amazing lawyer!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! This guy worked his butt off for me to ensure I kept my freedom. I was facing 2 felonies which carried 4 years each and somehow he was able to make a deal with the prosecutor to reduce the charges to a single misdemeanor which got me 1 year probation. He is the definition of what a great lawyer is!

Holly M.

I just want to say that Mr. Friedman is awesome! He literally saved my career and future. The moment I met him and spoke with him I was filled with relief and just felt this weight lifted off of my shoulders!!!! I highly recommend Mr. Friedman!!!!

Nick R.

Brad was outstanding and helped me from start to finish. He took care of everything. I highly recommend him to anyone who is in the need of a good lawyer.

J. B.

My son and I recently found out how unfair the legal system can be and with the help of Bradley Friedman our worries were squashed. Mr. Friedman was very informative and knowledgeable with our situation. His help giving a young man a second chance was invaluable. Thank you for all your help Bradley…


Absolutely incredible. Hardest working lawyer in town. Has saved me multiple times and delivers, EVERY TIME. Brad is an attorney that will always answer quickly and take care of business.

John P.

Literally was the only person that kept me out of jail during a pretty serious gun case. Always looked out and was in the best interest of the client…. he was affordable and showed empathy for his clients. I recommend him for anyone who wants to fight or beat the system

Greg Z.

Bradley is incredible. His confidence is comforting and his performance is reliable. He simply gets the job done. If you need help don’t hesitate. You’ll be in good hands.


Brad is by far one of the best criminal attorneys there is. He is honest, sincere and follows thru. He kept me informed and responded promptly when I needed to contact him. In my case he practically worked a miracle! I couldn’t ask for a better attorney.


Let me just start by saying. This guy is an absolute God Send! He restored the lives of me, and my family when it was being threatened. I highly recommend him to ANYONE who appreciates a lawyer of integrity, honesty, and trustworthiness. He gives it to your straight, and is very diligent in his job. Definitely the best in his field, in my opinion. I can’t say enough good about him. I have nothing but strong positive words for Mr.Friedman. Hopefully won’t need him to represent me again, but I DEFINITELY appreciate Mr.Friedman and consider him a friend my family and I had the privilege to meet @ a very troubled time in our lives. Our thanks is INFINITE toward Bradley J. Friedman.


Bradley J. Friedman Esq. Is the very BEST attorney in the State of Michigan if not this country! You cannot go wrong when you have this man on your side and in your corner. All charges against me were dropped! Bradley’s talent is not only in front of the Judges but he writes superb motions and argues them the same. Your representation from Bradley Friedman is second to none. Trust me, You want him defending you!!! Thank You Bradley!!!!


I highly recommend Bradley Friedman. He was concerned and made sure he did all he could for the best out come. Always honest and to the point. Could not have asked for anyone better. Thanks Bradley.

Nate P.

Brad has kept my record clean, twice now. He’s very straightforward and honest. No bs and no games.

Kelly M.

Mr. Friedman is great to work with. He takes the time to make sure all your paperwork is in order and you are well prepared for court. Always willing to answer questions and concerns you may have and call or text you back soon as possible. He is a great defender and will fight for your case. I am very pleased with all he has done for me and my family. I have and will continue to recommend him to others.


I can’t imagine any other lawyer that goes above and beyond like Bradley does. Trying to do the best for any kind of case is one thing but succeeding at it is another that Bradley strives to get. It’s not hard to tell how much experience and passion he has towards each case while you’re being represented by him with nothing but you’re best interest in mind and the results will definitely reflect on that. I wouldn’t recommend nor feel comfortable with anyone else to be by your side in a court room like I would Bradley. He treats every case on a personal level as if he were to represent one of his close family members. In a field like this that is definitely hard to come bye.


Bradley was a beacon of hope to my family when our options appeared limited and the likelihood Of a satisfactory resolution seemed nearly impossible. He is very personal and helpful along the way. Couldn’t ask for a better man to stand up and fight for our family..


Bradley was the most professional and compassionate attorney we have ever dealt with. Always prepared and really cares about the client, and always available even after the case is done. I would not use another attorney! I would highly recommend Brad!


Very knowledgeable and professional in his field. I was comfortable with Mr. Friedman from our first encounter and knew he was the right man for the job. I would recommend him to anyone in need of an attorney.


Mr. Friedman is an extraordinary attorney. He goes above and beyond for his clients and actually makes you feel cared about. He always answers your calls and explains what’s going on with the case. Bradley Friedman gets down to business and will not stop until justice is done!


Extremely knowledgeable, exceeds your expectations and will guarantee you the best outcome of your particular situation. Highly satisfied with his services. Thank you so much for all your help Brad!!!!!


Brad is a very helpful attorney. He assisted me in getting my driver’s license back. Very friendly and easy going, will work hard to get results.

Jimmy F

Bradly from day one I sat down and help me sort things out and I was extremely helpful and he did an awesome job advocating for me and I really am happy that I am I stumbled upon him I looked them up through Google and he referred me through a counselor data I’ve also been receiving a great deal of help from I would recommend Bradly for all his life services and he’s very genuine prompt and he’s an awesome guy very nice

Jasmina K.

Very friendly, professional, and kind. You can tell that he knows what he’s doing and that he cares about each and everyone of his clients. Goes above and beyond of what you would expect. Definitely would recommend him to anyone who needs his services.

Darrell W.

I can honestly say Brad is thee best defensive attorney in Michigan I know, he work hard to fight for you when he represents you on any case you bring to him. I appreciate your service and also relationship and bond you share with me………


Great lawyer. I’ve been using him for years and he’s helped me with so much. Thanks Brad


I would definately recommend to those looking for a lawyer. Professional, knowledgeable, courteous, prepared, invested, and has his client’s best interest and situation in mind.

Jason R

Positive and understanding lawyer. Makes you feel comfortable in any situation.


Professional, knowledgeable and extremely helpful from beginning to end and provided useful insight the whole way


Mr Friedman went over and beyond for my son. Even after the case was over he was still there for us answering any questions we had.