It is certainly true, of course — whether in the Detroit metropolitan area or anywhere else across the country — that a very serious matter is posed for any individual who is the subject of a state or federal criminal investigation.

Notwithstanding the potentially dire consequences attached to both a state or federal probe, however, many criminal law commentators routinely note that an investigation involving federal agents and prosecutors is often distinguished from a state investigatory and enforcement effort in several material ways.

Here’s one: More money, manpower, technological and additional resources are often brought to bear in cases involving federal crimes. Indeed, some federal criminal probes are centrally marked by the combined efforts of both federal and state investigators.

And here’s another: The federal judicial system — most fundamentally, the federal rules and procedures that play out in a litigated matter — are different in many respects from state procedural and substantive laws.

The bottom line in many federal criminal law matters is that a charged defendant is often best served by an experienced criminal defense attorney commanding a proven background in federal matters and in representing clients in federal courts.

At The Law Offices of Bradley J. Friedman in Farmington Hills, our principal attorney’s resume features criminal defense representation across a wide universe of federal charges, along with experience as a former prosecuting attorney.

That combined experience cannot guarantee a specific outcome in any case, of course, but it routinely does affect criminal law strategies and client representation at our firm.

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