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Cases spotlight law enforcers' strong focus on health care fraud

It's likely not too hard for our any of our readers from across Michigan who even scan criminal law stories just intermittently to readily note the strong emergence of fraud-related articles and reports over the past couple years.

Such tales routinely garner generous amounts of front-page space these days, with federal and state regulators and enforcement officials expending a major amount of time and effort -- as well as dollars -- on investigatory probes seeking to identify and punish alleged wrongdoers in what is a vast white-collar realm of unlawful activities.

What powers are wielded by the IRS Criminal Investigation Division?

Certain government agencies -- owing to their focus, resources, reach and enforcement power -- seem just a bit more forbidding than others and with the ready potential to quickly introduce adverse consequences into the lives of American individuals and families.

Yes, we're talking the Internal Revenue Service.

Rationality prevails: hard to argue with this sentencing outcome

Federal crimes comprise a criminal law realm marked by both the comparatively heightened investigatory powers of authorities and the especially zealous attempts of government prosecutors to secure harsh sentencing outcomes.

In Michigan and nationally, that often means prison time, marked in many instances by long periods of incarceration.

Eyewitness confirms that defendant "did it:" Is that unassailable?

In response to the above-posed blog headline, we know that our readers in the Detroit metro area and across Michigan will reasonably note that every piece of material evidence in a criminal law case is subject to closest scrutiny and must be proved beyond a reasonable doubt.

Still, that doesn't preclude a jury's inclination -- predisposition, if you will -- to attribute instant credence to the statements uttered by a supposed eyewitness to criminal behavior.

The many proponents of sentencing reform aren't going to like this

It wasn't long ago that federal attorneys in the U.S. Department of Justice were busy crafting rules and guidelines to rein in the known excesses and many aberrational outcomes linked with the so-called War on Drugs.

In fact, criminal sentencing reform in the federal realm was a top-shelf focus of the Obama presidential administration and the U.S. Department of Justice under the helm of former Attorney General Eric Holder.

IRS under adverse spotlight with its asset-forfeiture program

If you're the owner of a small business in the metro Detroit area or elsewhere in the United States, you likely make frequent runs to your local bank to deposit funds received.

And if you are at all representative of a prototypical shop, store, retailer or other type of enterprise operating across the country, it is just as likely that a number of transactions you make with your banker are for less than $10,000

Focus on FATCA: Any chance this tax-fraud law could be repealed?

To its adherents (chiefly tax officials and government bureaucrats looking for ways to increase incoming revenues), it is winning legislation of the highest order.

To those who oppose it, though (a broad-based amalgam of business groups, legislators, privacy-rights advocates and taxpayers), it simply spells anathema, and needs to be eradicated without delay.

Adding up the numbers re criminal commutations: a busy president

One of the last official acts of outgoing President Barack Obama last week could hardly be termed trivial.

Indeed, the former chief executive took unprecedented action last Thursday, on the eve of the incoming Trump presidential administration, by commuting the sentences of many federal inmates serving lengthy incarceration periods on drug-related charges.

What are pyramid schemes?

In the United States, fraud can take many forms. The United States Treasury Department is continually designing and printing new bills to prohibit and minimize counterfeiting. With the advances in technology, internet fraud is wreaking havoc to thousands of Americans each year. Money laundering and is not uncommon in the many organized crime organizations throughout the country.

2nd VW executive arrested in emissions case after 1 pleads guilty

According to the Justice Department, employees of Volkswagen and VW of America were actively involved in perpetrating the emissions fraud VW has admitted took place. In October, a VW engineer pled guilty to a single count of conspiring to defraud the U.S. government and has agreed to cooperate with investigations in both the U.S. and Germany.

While it is unclear whether the engineer's cooperation was at play, a second executive was recently arrested in the scandal. The man, a former general manager in charge of the Engineering and Environmental Office in Bloomfield Hills, is accused of wire fraud, violating the Clean Air Act and conspiracy to defraud the U.S. government. He is expected in Detroit for arraignment.

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