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Evaluating Risks, Weighing Options, Building Criminal Defense and Tax Defense Strategies

At The Law Offices of Bradley J. Friedman, I approach criminal law in a unique way. Instead of focusing on the charge you face, I begin by focusing on the risks you face. By approaching matters in this way, I can weigh your options and build a defense strategy designed to help you reach your goal.

Not only is my approach unique, it's also effective. Since I founded my law firm in Farmington Hills, I have defended countless clients from places like Royal Oak, Southfield, Sterling Heights, Warren and across Michigan against a wide variety of charges. Regardless of the severity of your charge or its consequences, I will work diligently to defend you.

If you would like to discuss your situation with me, I invite you to schedule a free initial consultation at my Farmington Hills law office. You can call 800-496-4137 or email me to schedule a time to meet.

A Former Prosecutor Who Understands How The Government Builds A Case

If you face a federal charge or are the subject of a federal investigation, you need experienced legal help. As a former prosecutor, I understand how the government's investigatory process works. As your lawyer, I am in an excellent position to construct defense strategies specifically designed to counteract those measures.

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Help From A Trial Attorney With Experience In All Courts

Whether your charge falls under the jurisdiction of traffic court, state court or federal court, or stems from an IRS investigation, I have the experience you need on your side. Between my years as a prosecuting attorney and my years as a criminal defense trial lawyer, I have served as counsel in nearly all the courtrooms in southeastern Michigan. I know the judges, the prosecutors and the system, and I will put my firsthand knowledge to work on your case.

I will fight to ensure your freedom is protected and that justice prevails.

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